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Month Two with Noe

Wow. Noe’s already 2+ months old! Well, that’s what everyone keeps saying. When he hit the two month mark last week we couldn’t believe he’s only been with us for such a short period of time. […]

Wow. Noe’s already 2+ months old! Well, that’s what everyone keeps saying. When he hit the two month mark last week we couldn’t believe he’s only been with us for such a short period of time. Here’s a quick recap.

Oh, and if you’re looking for travel updates, they’re on the way. We’ll post some updates from last week’s trip to Tahoe, plus rootin’ tootin’ Roseburg, Oregon, of course! Maybe something on Laos in the next year or two as well…

Let’s start with Noe’s first bottle (of pumped breast milk). He took to it like a champ, then didn’t. Then did again. I admit, much more exciting for us, than you — particularly for Lori. Ah, the promise of 7-8 continuous hours of sleep! That would have meant me getting up to feed him in the wee hours, of course, as Lori’s already got two built-in bottles of her own. Noe must have sensed that change was in the air, though, as he’s actually managed to pull 6-7 hour spans of sleep from 10ish to 5ish over the past week. I can’t blame him for wanting the real deal, and applaud him for his good judgement. We’ll just see how long this streak lasts…

The Mister’s first wedding reception…looking so dapper in his baby digs and oversized smock.

This was our first time back to Umpqua Community College (UCC) since the tragedy last fall — surreal and poignant, but a heck of a good time this particular night as has been the case with visits to the campus throughout our entire lives. My parents would take me to class here while working towards degrees in Early Childhood Ed. when I wasn’t much older than Noe. Lori danced in numerous recitals in the auditorium over the years. Lori and I both took swimming lessons and participated in summer community theater here. Our high schools grad-night celebrations were held here, the list goes on, and I’m sure will continue to long into the future.

It’s common these days to see Noe amongst wine casks, and this particular Sunday was no exception. Enjoying a date afternoon out (with the Mister) at Paul O’Brien in downtown Roseburg.

More wine. Sheesh. This time in Elkton, up on the way to the Oregon coast. Beautiful day for a drive and hitting a few wineries with Nanny and Poppy (my parents).

This one, Bradley Vineyards, was our favorite — beating out the big name in town, hands down. They’ve got some killer Zin (not typically found in these here parts) and are doing some really interesting stuff with the jungle vine, Baco Noir.

For much of Noe’s second month, he could be found cuddled up on mommy in his K’tan sling — a similar idea to the Moby wrap, but with a lot less fabric to deal with.

Noe’s two new big things are making eye contact and smiling! (and not because he’s working on something down under). He tolerates tummy time but loves having his belly tickled and funny noises. Above all else, he loves paddle fans, especially his Nanny and Poppy’s red ceiling fan. To Noe, it is the be all and end all.

Here, we have the Mister in his bassinet. Ha. Actually we just put him in for a moment for a quick picture, trying to match a picture of Lori in the same crib when she was around Noe’s age. His actual digs are much more spacious (and a bit closer to current safety standards).

At the Oregon Coast with family on an unusually warm and sunny day in Charleston. Yes, Noe is as thrilled as we are (and was getting a wee bit hungry!).


Up thinkin’ at Aunt & Uncle’s place in Tigard on our six-week checkup trip to Portland. Noe was put on an accelerated infant vaccination schedule to get him ready for Laos: First dose at six weeks and second at ten. He took his jabs like a champ, crying for a whole ten seconds before getting back to far more important things such as staring at bright lights, tooting and napping.

Noe, with Uncle Matt and Cousin Rose who is four months older. The angle and lighting of this photo made Noe look much larger and darker than usual. Enjoy it while you can, kid!

Noe has been very fortunate to receive all kinds of fun and generous gifts. His biggest conversation starters, however, have been his two Laos shirts that he received from his Auntie Amber. Noe’s only frustration with wearing them is having to field “What happened to China?” questions over and over.

Lori’s Roseburg “Aunties” threw her a Southern Oregon area baby shower with Noe in attendance. I stopped by just long enough to snap a few photos, but not short enough to avoid having to give my son a stern talking to about his carrying on and such. Noe was pretty cool for most of the evening, until he wasn’t, at which point I told him he needed to be cool, and then he was. End of story.

Overall, it was a lovely party on a lovely summer evening and much fun was had by all.



Noe, chillaxin’ with the womenfolk.


Bundled up with (Great) Aunt Jeanette and Great Grandma K, wearing his Uncle Dan’s hand-me-down bonnet.

So, this one may bear some explanation…

This was the last day with Lori’s car, “Honda Heidi,” which accompanied her across the country from Oregon to Atlanta, then up to DC, then took the two of us back across the country to Oregon, up to Canada, down to California and many, many side trips in between. Noe may have never gotten to ride in ol’ Heidi, but at least he got to lay across her hood. Note: we don’t always dress him in mismatching stripes, but sometimes he soils a onesie while across the street at his other set of grandparents’ house and whats available for a wardrobe change makes for an interesting outfit…

Chatting with Grandma and Grandpa Northcraft at the biggest event of the summer — Pink Martini at Music on the Halfshell, one of Roseburg’s longest running and most beloved summer traditions. Noe said that he enjoyed the music, but did comment that dinner took a little longer to arrive than usual.


One of Noe’s grandparents’ favorite pastimes this summer has been dressing him up in outfits that his daddy or Uncle Dan wore when they were babies, then taking lots of pictures while Noe looks on in a mix of surprise and bewilderment. This particular outfit was one that his daddy wore home from the hospital.

Visiting our namesake horse at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. “Noe, look, it’s Cousin Ed!”

Noe had a lot of “Firsts” this month, but I guess that’s the main thing that babies do, right? We’ll be out doing something with the Mister and all of a sudden it will strike us, “Hey! This is Noe’s first blowout diaper change in a donut shop!” … some firsts we hope are also “Lasts”…

But this first was actually pretty exciting:

Lori and I didn’t get our first passports until we were in our teens, and our parents a few decades older. Noe was six weeks old when his was issued, though in his photo he doesn’t look a day over two weeks. His first foreign country looks like it’s going to be Belgium, of all places (Lori’s got a few days of orientation there before we fly on to Vientiane). He’s already brushing up on his Flemish…or Phlegmish, in his case.

The three of us attended one of Abacela’s Pizza Fridays, with a pepperoni and Malbec pairing.

It was 101 degrees (F), so naturally, we thought it would be a good idea to climb to the gazebo on the top of the hill (the gazebo is at the top of the green rolling hill in the upper-right-hand quadrant below).

Fortunately, 101 degrees feels a lot different in Winston, Oregon at 5pm than it does, say in Phnom Penh at noon — but it’s still hot, nonetheless.


Daddy’s little lush managed to feed/sleep his way through 10 winery visits in his second month of life — #5 to #14 — all in the Umpqua Valley. He says he much prefers bold reds such as Zin and Malbec, but understands the challenges of growing these varietals in this particular viticultural region. He also says, however, that his tastes may very well change when he’s no longer judging purely based on color, aroma and mommy and daddy’s reactions.

Another big milestone for Month Two: Mommy was cleared to work out again! Daddy’s still waiting to be cleared for working out. Mommy claims that daddy was never NOT cleared for working out, but lately daddy begs to differ.

Regardless, daddy is enjoying pushing Noe while drinking his cold brew at a leisurely pace while mommy does her interval workouts in the 80 degree mornings. On this particular morning, we’ve moved our routine to the shade of the bike path.

Please, dad, no more pictures.



Trying out the Baby Ergo Cool Air for the first time on a short hike near Eastwood Elementary school. Hot, dry and dusty — not exactly Laos conditions, but a good trial run, nonetheless.

Milk drunk and lovin’ it.

Hmm…should I cry, poop or nap?

Hanging out on the front porch and having fun in Uncle Dan’s old active wear.

One day, we said, “Hey, let’s go stay in a cabin in Tahoe.” So we got in the car, drove 10 hours to Lake Tahoe and set up shop in an old log cabin for a week.

…well…almost true.

Our buddy Lee and his wife bought a cabin in the area in May and have been working on it over the summer and graciously allowed us to visit for a week. We all overlapped for the first weekend, then had the place to ourselves for the rest of the week. It was fantastic getting to spend time with Lee and Jamie, and also our first time since leaving Portland that we got to spend a good amount of time with just the three of us. At the end of the week, we met Lori’s parents in Sacramento for a family reunion in Amador County, before heading home. Lots of road mileage for a two-month-old — 1,200 miles in all — but Noe took it all in stride. From his first day home from the hospital, he’s preferred movement over sitting still, which should suit him well in the coming years (though we’ll have to see how the long plane rides go…we’ll technically be moving, but the question is, will he think so?).

Lori and I had been to Tahoe before, but never got to do the summer lake thing. This time, we got to go to the beach twice! Baldwin and Pope beaches on the southwestern banks of the lake are gorgeous — golden sands, mountain fringed, crystal clear waters — and the water was a perfect temp for the hot day. After several years of enjoying saltwater swimming in the tropics, the freshwater thing is definitely growing on us. So clean with no salty aftertaste!

Noe enjoyed his first dip at the beach. We only got his feet wet, but the huge smile on his face was telling enough. We may have a little beach bum in the making.

At the end of two months, he is a few ounces shy of 10 pounds, can still fit into most of his newborn clothes and is just beginning to outgrow newborn diapers. Hard to believe he is the same size now as some newborns!

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Oh he is wonderful! I love the photos! Keep ’em coming! What a beautiful family you are!