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United States

Pacific City

A midway meetup with Lori’s brother and sister-in-law in another coastal location after nearly two years apart. And fun with Oregon’s unpredictable coastal weather.

Apocalypse Now

Devastating wildfires join forces with Covid to push us deeper into our protective bubbles, as we concoct creative ways to keep 2 young boys and 6 adults sane in captivity.


Reconnecting with both sets of grandparents in Oregon, following two weeks in captivity (i.e. quarantine), and 20 months apart.

The Waiting Game

With Lori’s brother’s wedding behind us, the countdown begins until Baby #2 decides to grace us with his/her presence. But not before daddy reclaims his own birthday for himself.

Portland to Brussels

By his seventeenth it was pretty clear that Noe was starting to get bored with wineries, so we got on a plane and moved to Laos. While that might not be entirely true, the weather leaving Portland was a good sign it was time to move on.