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Moving to Laos!

Yep, you guessed it! We’re moving to Laos! Noe’s coming along too. As you can see, he is pretty stoked.

At 35 weeks pregnant, Lori submitted her materials for the application and interviewed with the interim country director when Noe was 10 days old. Five days later, she got the job!

We’ll be leaving for Brussels for Lori’s orientation in about six weeks, with feet on the ground in Vientiane in late September to begin an initial two-year assignment with Handicap International (HI). Lori will be leading efforts in Laos to train Laotian specialists, evaluate HI’s rehabilitation programming, and strengthen partnerships between HI and government agencies, private sector entities, and other NGOs.

Working in international development and aid, myself, I’ve rarely come across organizations worthy of praise for both their work and the way they conduct their work. Handicap International is a big exception, and is truly a standout amongst such organizations.

HI is an extraordinary non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been contributing in a meaningful, impactful and sustainable way to address critical needs around the globe for over 30 years. It’s a solid organization full of competent, talented and highly skilled staff (the vast majority of which are locally hired in the countries they work). Their primary focus is on assisting and advocating on behalf of people affected by conflict and disaster, with an emphasis on assisting individuals with conflict/disaster-related disabilities.

HI was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for the organization’s critical role in founding the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which Princess Diana fervently supported.

There is simply no other organization on Earth that Lori and I would rather be associated with and contribute to. I am so proud of Lori for being selected for her role with HI in Laos and know that HI will be proud to have Lori on staff as well.

To learn more about the work of Handicap International, visit: http://www.handicap-international.us

As an added bonus, we get to be in Vientiane, the capital of our favorite country on our six-month honeymoon and possibly our favorite country that we’ve spent time in so far.

So, what will I be doing, you ask? Good question! Somebody’s got to make sure Noe doesn’t go running off to a Thai beach rave or join a nearby monastery. Way too early for that. Once he’s able to eat solids and poop in a pit toilet, we’ll talk.

Noe and I will be hanging out together for the first few months until we’re all settled. After that, we’ll wait and see. If we’ve found a childcare option that suits us and I’ve got work lined up with a respectable organization then that would certainly be an attractive prospect.

Or…maybe Mr. Noe and I might become rough-and-tumble Mekong boatmen, ferrying steely-eyed fishermen up and down the length of the country, chasing fortune and causing all sorts of shenanigans along the way. Who knows?

As you might imagine, things are pretty busy here in Roseburg, tending to Noe’s wants and whims, prepping for the move, and enjoying lots of time with family and friends.

Time to go water some plants and scoop some cat litter before things start start heatin’ up in this hizzy.

The adventure continues!

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T. Ajir
T. Ajir

Thank you, so informative!

Feel like I am along on the journey!


T. Ajir
T. Ajir

Wonderful ! Enjoy your posts so much!