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Laying Low in Mexico

Surprise! Nope, we’re not wanted by U.S. Marshalls, and we didn’t make a run for the border, though that would’ve certainly made things more interesting. Read on to find out more.

27 December 2020

2021 is just around the corner (yay), which means it’s been about five months since I wrote an update from our end. Every couple of years I feel the need to step away from this project for a while and the second half of 2020 was one of those times.

With a new year on the horizon, it’s catch up time, and there’s a lot to catch up on.

After Lori’s contract in Cambodia was unexpectedly cut short (two years earlier than planned), we found ourselves back in the U.S., visiting our immediate family and figuring out the next chapter.

We enjoyed our time living and working in Phnom Penh and got used to a certain level of normalcy in a country closed off from the rest of world with no community transmission during the height of COVID.

The last thing we wanted to do was sell all our stuff and take our young family of four on a trans-Pacific flight bound for the U.S. at this particular time.

But it had been 20 months since our boys and their grandparents had seen each other (apart from virtually), so that aspect of returning was long overdue and much anticipated.

Fast-forward to December, and we find ourselves living in Mexico, of all places ⏤ laying low in a small beach town, working remotely, and continuing to take the necessary pandemic precautions with no plans to hit the road anytime soon.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to the story, but we’ll get there.

In the meantime, here’s a few pics of what the boys and us have been up to here since October.

At home, in Mexico.



Releasing baby sea turtles for their first swim in the Pacific.

We bought a muffin! (and a golf cart).

Riley and daddy on a jungle hike to a hidden beach.

Weekly hikes with Noe.

…and village explorations with the fam.




Our evening ritual.





Snack time.



Home office.

In the next post, I’ll rewind to where we left off in Cambo ⏤ mostly for the boys’ sake (this is, after all, our family’s travel journal), but also to get those following our adventures up to speed ⏤ with the hope of being all caught up to the present just as the boys are heading off to college…or maybe a bit sooner.

Much more to come! Including, of course, where we’re calling home these days.

In the meantime, you may want to peruse our previous daily life dispatches up through July 31, 2020, in case you missed any.

Stay tuned!

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