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End Of The Road

Wrapping up 105 days and 6,000 miles of overland shoestring travel from Cape Town, South Africa to Kampala, Uganda, with numerous side trips in between.

Hells Gate National Park (Pt.1)

We continue our budget backpacking trip through Kenya with none other than a do-it-yourself bicycle safari through one of Africa’s most dramatic, and most endangered, landscapes.

Usambara Mountains

The people and scenic beauty of the Usambara Mountains in Northern Tanzania — a preview of our 4-day, 40+ mile trek through this unique and remote corner of the world.

Arrival in Zanzibar

After four long weeks in Mozambique we arrived in Zanzibar, and the difference was startling — the food, the friendliness, and the value for the money were incomparable.

Mission: Ridiculous (Pt.1)

Our final days in Moz, and the last-minute discovery that Tanzania may deport our butts back here if we can’t obtain one last very elusive visa requirement…

Trapped in Paradise

We find ourselves held hostage by the beauty, isolation and insane prices of a “bush camp” in the north of Mozambique and attempt to escape before the money runs dry.